TOTAL CLEANSE Detox - Cleanse Liver, Urine, Blood, Digestive System


TOTAL CLEANSE Detoxification and System Cleanse

Starts working Immediately to detoxify your body! TOTAL CLEANSE is a scientifically formulated detoxification product. Rich in 10 potent antioxidants contained in the natural ingredients that have been proven to speed up the process of detoxing the body by stimulating respective body functions that flush the system of impurities. Following the directions is most important for a cleanse to work properly.
This product can also be of support if you want to take a break from using THC products by cleansing your system.
Each bottle of TOTAL CLEANSE contains 18 caplets. Easy dosage. Take Three caplets a day for Two days with 16 ounces of water with each dose. No need to go thru a lengthy body cleanse process.

Do not use if you're nursing or pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for anyone under 18 years old or legal drinking age. Check with physician before use.

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